We mainly specialize in stainless steel production. We can join each element with other materials, such as wood, aluminium or plastic. You can see more examples in the demonstration section, the possibilities are endless.


    The artwork of Mr. Rybak is called Conjunction.

  • Custom made grill

    Stainless steel grill made according to customer´s idea

  • Balcony railings

  • Frameworks and plinths for your artwork

    We create plinths, pedestals and other design elements. You can contact us with your idea and together we will find a way to create what would work best for your artwork.

  • Carport

    A really nice piece of work that fits perfectly into the environment around your house.

  • Kolofogo components

    We supply components for the construction of a children’s cart of the Czech manufacturer Kolofogo and stroller Redfleck. Pepa Dressler uses it as well and you can see how he skillfully cycles with it in the woods:-D

  • House staircase

    A combination of stainless steel and wood

  • Pool drainage channel

  • Windlass well head

  • Food hopper

    Food hopper

  • Bus exhaust pipe

    Precisely copied exhaust pipe that was no longer available.

  • Stainless steel furniture

    Stainless steel furniture. Tables, cabinets, racks. Gastronomy and food processing plants.

  • Indoor railings with bearings

    Precisely manufactured railings with a turnstile at the opening part

  • Plinths for wooden poles

  • Kitchen units

  • Spiral staircase

    Spiral staircase to the pool area

  • Table for Saudi Arabia

    Table for Saudi Arabia

  • Outside staircase

  • Monument to the Victims of Communism

  • Memorial Government Office in Prague

  • Turnstiles

    Turnstiles for inflatable halls.

  • War Memorial near Pribram

    Production of the memorial museum for an exhibition dedicated to the victims of communism. Manufacture and installation.

  • Spiral staircase

  • Crushers and bins

    Stainless steel crushers and containers including mechanical components.

  • Examples of stairs

    Examples of stairs

  • Small production

  • Florence – National Museum

    Florence – National Museum – Exhibits

  • Fittings for ATL Electronics

    Complete exterior fittings – ATL electrical outlet.

  • Custom made heater

  • Stainless steel stairways

    Stainless steel stairways for company Kovo Kasper